Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Well lets say I'm not feeling so swell on my exercise or eating yesterday. I went to curves! got some steps but not enough. food wise I had a great breakfast, missed my snack and then ate to much for lunch cuz I was starving. I had 1 slice of thin crust pizza and then a peanut butter and jam wrap... in the afternoon I had a bit of chocolate and cheesies, then I had tacos for dinner which wasn't on plan 1000% but it was a good choice for mexican food. And for dinner a frozen banana dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in chopped almonds. Feelings? I was really tired and had my lazy day off kind of a day. It's one of those days I have the habit of going to food when I'm siting and watching tv. I also love mexican food so I always have it on cinco de mayo.


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