Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I have been justified!!!!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day! But a good one! I met with my coach in the am and we went over my eating habits from last week. She gave me 4 challenges for this coming week:
1. Plan food! On busy days keep it simple!
2. What are my trigger foods and cravings?
3. DO NOT HIDE what I'm eating or when I eat.
4. Copy out Friday's journal and put it up for inspiration.

Then in the evening I went to my OA meeting and we were able to share about our week. We were also given some homework that I think will be very helpful!

 I am a sinner, I struggle with idolatry daily but I have been justified in the name of Jesus, I have been washed by his blood so I no longer have to live as an idolater! Christ will help me fight this fight and win!

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