Friday, May 2, 2014

Clearly I Like to Walk

I got 25,000 steps! Went to Curves, ate good meals (though I'm not sure they were on plan). Went out from 3-9 and that really helped me not snack during that time.

I find when I'm home alone I'm very likely to eat. When I think what I'm feeling before I eat I don't really feel anything. But after I feel content. I just feel a deep desire to get food! I thought that I was worse certain parts of the day but that was not the case yesterday. I also had the tenancy to blame it on lack of sleep but I've been getting 8 hours plus each day. When I want to eat it's not a oh food sounds good it will make me happy thought. It's a GET ME FOOD! That's all I can think of and that's what I need more then anything else right then.

What did I eat you may ask?
lentil burger, coleslaw
pasta and sausage sauce
cake tops
chicken teryaki stirfry with brown rice
rice pudding
cheese and lentils

Devos this morning was in Ezra and it was when ezra was thanking God for showing the people favour  even though they were sinners. The way he explained their in really did something to me. I didn;t realize it before but honestly I don't think I have a proper picture of sin. I think sin and I think forgiveness. I don't think of the sacrifice and the harm it's having on me and others. Ezra was saying that they were so deep in sin they didn't deserve anything. I always think that sin doesn't mean anything and God should overlook it and give me what I want. Lord, I pray today when I'm tempted to sin that you would remind me of the gravity of my actions. Lord, I pray that I would obey you today and that when I sin or am tempted that you would remind me how hurtful that can be. Lord, I pray that you would forgive me for my eating habits. That you would come in and rule them and Lord that I would listen to your voice. Amen  

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