Saturday, May 3, 2014

Success In Christ

Yesterday I did GREAT, not in my own power, but in that of Jesus. I ate my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all on plan! I was tempted but I was able to say no and I wanted to say no. My devos yesterday reminded me that each time I eat food I don't need I'm sinning and it's serious. Looking at the extra food this way and asking for the strength I needed from God was amazing! Yesterday I didn't go to the guy but I have the boys all weekend so I don't usually on those days. However I did get my 15,000 steps in thanks to my wonderful sister who stayed home with the boys after they were in bed so I could get out.

I think one of the things that more blew me away is the fact that I was able to even bake a cake and I was able to say no to it! Praise God!

Today in my devos I read about how God allows times of trouble to strengthen you but he's a loving God and he will be there to get you out of those situations. There are times we put ourselves in those situations and he's ready to help us out too if we just ask him. Lord, I know this food situation is one out of my control, yet I know I could have come to you much sooner and surrendered it to you for real and worked through my temptation with you. Lord, I pray that this time that is what I do. I pray that this time I put you first and Lord that when food seems to get too much that you would give me the strength but even more so that I would allow you to work through me. That I wouldn't stop your power by giving in in my own weakness. Thank you Lord, Amen

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