Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pizza.. whoops

I got my 15,000 steps... I got over 15,000 steps everyday this week which means I got my itunes gift card!!!! I ate great, right on track, minus pizza for dinner and some candies with it. I made a cake though and didn't eat any and even though I was feeling great STRESS I was able to say no to extra food. I think part of the reason this is getting easier is I feel more full with the food I'm eating but mostly it's when I'm focused in Christ food becomes less significant.

I did eat 2/3 of a thin crust pizza and a couple dozen small our candies. This wasn't fully an impulse eat I had already decided to have pizza for dinner, I just ate too much of it.

Yesterday I was feeling very high stress. I had the boys and Isaiah and things were very chaotic which doesn't work well for me. I rather then eating I cleaned... good thing the boys were continually making a mess so I had lots to clean up.

Devos for today are on how important it is to take communion seriously. This was a huge gift from Jesus, one which needs to be taken seriously! It's not something that we just do but a time to thank Jesus for everything.

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