Saturday, February 1, 2014

Week 2 Reflection

Well here we are, done week 2! It's been a week with victories but also some struggles.
1. Down 3lbs
2. Got all my gym work outs in and all of my steps.
3. Also got 2 runs done.
4. Stuck to my eating plan even when it was tough.
5. Had one really hard day but spent time reflecting on God's promises to me.

This week was a challenge, I had a few nights with not nearly enough sleep and my little cold has not turned into bronchitis. When I'm sick or tired I'm pitiful when there both together I'm beyond pitiful. But I've been doing my best to still make good eating choices and getting in as much exercise as my body will allow. So in that I'm victorious!

Lord, I thank you for a week of victories even through the struggles. I thank you that you are here helping me out and that this is not too much for you. I pray that you would bring healing to my body and as that's happening I would remain faithful to the diet and not feel a need to cheat and eat comfort food. Amen    

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