Monday, February 10, 2014

What? Diet on Vacation?

Wow this chapter couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m currently vacation at Disneyland! As I’ve been preparing for this trip I made the decision that I was going to stick to my plan and worked out a menu so I knew how I would stick to it. I don’t know how many people said to me “O, so since your on vacation you can eat whatever you want for 10 days.” I had already decided that I would not do that but reading this chapter has given me a new resolve to stick to my plan and some great tools to do so when it gets tough. I've already written about Saturday, it was tough. But yesterday went really well! This morning I'm going to curves right after I'm done with my study. Although it would be easier to eat whatever  I wanted to I know that this is what is going to benefit me spiritually and physically. The truth? I don't need to eat whatever I want. I just need to eat what I need. 

"Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food." Romans 14:20a

Lord, you are doing such a great work in me. Lord, that fact that for weeks now you have shown me a peace about food I have never been able to find before. Lord, I pray that today you would be there with me helping me to say no to unbeneficial things and yes to those things that are going to draw me closer to you. Lord, as this journey progresses it blows my mind how easy it has  been to lose the weight because you have been so faithful in helping me to see the truth with food. It's not going to fix my problems, it will just create more. Lord, I pray that as this journey continues that I would draw closer to you and Lord that I would know you more intimately as it progresses. Lord, the work your doing in my is a miracle, I have tried on my own and I have never been this successful and felt like cheating as little as this time on the plan, Lord, thank you. And Lord today I pray that you would be with me as we are out, that I would be able to resist all the temptations around and that I would see you in that today.

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