Monday, January 13, 2014

I can do it!

A few days ago I had to bring my car in to get some work done. While it was in I decided that I would go for a walk and then I figured I would do an errand to get it out of the way. The errand was a 30 min walk from where the car needed to go in. So off I went, in the rain, for a 30 min walk to sears. It wasn't too bad of a walk on the way there. I got to sears and picked up the decorations my mom wanted... It was one large plastic bag and one paper bag worth of stuff. Then I decided that I would hit up target too... unfortunately the christmas decorations were 90% off. 3 large bags of decorations later I was ready for my 30 min walk back to my car. Turns out when you're carrying that much stuff 30 min turns into 45.

Alright so I walk out the doors at target and realize that it is now raining a lot harder then when I go there.

I could call the dealership for a ride but I'm not going to do that! I'm going to walk back because I needed to finish my walk!

10 min in I thought my arms were going to fall off.

15 min in one of the bags ripped on a telephone pole

20 min in I stepped in a huge puddle and had soaking wet and muddy feet.

25 min... halfway back! and my paper bag got so wet it split right up the side.

Lets just say when I got back to the dealership I looked like a homeless drowned rat! And I couldn't move my arms because they were so sore!  

What did I learn from this? That when I decide I'm going to do something I can! I could have stopped at any point and called the dealership to come get me but I decided to press on and I did it!

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