Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 1 Update:

Sorry this is a little late, life has gotten busy!

Weight in- down 4.25!
Food- I'm not going to lie this week was about 60% good. I stuck to my eating plan  minus the popcorn at the movie Sunday, Monday I ate a bazillion cookies and tuesday we went to a potluck dinner so I wasn't 100% on plan that night. 
Work outs- I've gotten in my 4 this week and did set up and take down for an event at our church so that has to count for at least one more. Plus I had "The Walk" (I promise a blog post  on that soon!) 
$ - I've been too busy to spend much of it
Devos - I have been doing good keeping my devo time in the mornings. I'm currently going through the geneology of Jesus in Matthew and am reading about each of the people listed. It's taking a while but I'm getting a fresh perspective on some of these people. I also went and picked up the book for my online Bible study that starts in just over a week so I'm all ready! 

My goals for this week:
Weight in- down 3lbs
Food- Actually stick to my plan the whole week!
Work outs- 4 curves work outs
$ - Stick to the budget, maybe go walking rather then shopping
Devos - keep getting up early to spend that time with God. Get through the rest of that geneology!

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