Friday, January 24, 2014

Made To Crave Day 6

Chapter 3 Getting a Plan

So clearly this chapter is about getting a plan :) It compares weight loss to gardening, if you don't weed, water, plant, prune etc you won't get a beautiful garden. If I sit on the couch wanting to lose weight it's not going to happen. I need to do something about it.

Reflection Questions:
1. What thoughts, images, or emotions do you associate with the word plan? Are you the kind of person who says, "I love it when a plan comes together!" Or are you more likely to say, "Plan schman, can't we all just go with the flow?" I fall in the middle somewhere some days I like plans and I like to know what I'm doing or what is expected of me. However I'm not a live or die by the plan type of person so there have been many times when I make a plan and then change it because the new one felt better. I do like some planning to be done but I can still go with the flow.

2. Are there areas of your life in which having a plan works well for you? In these areas of your life, does having a plan feel empowering or restrictive? Do your feelings change when the plan is about food, what you will eat and not eat? Day to day I like to have some sort of a plan so i know what I need to get done and how I'm going to get it all in. I also like to make plans for weight loss and that sort of things. I need to have a basic plan for vacation too. However in some areas of my life I make plans but don't stick to them.Having a plan empowers me. I'm the first person to throw the plan away if something else comes up. SO I think what it comes down to is I like to plan and be organized(ish) but that I'm okay with change and can usually adapt. With food plans I really did need help to understand how to eat healthy and how that I know what I'm doing I'm not too big on planning. I know what foods are good for me and try to keep an ampul supply of those foods and keep the bad ones away. This helps me to be somewhat organized but then I can eat what I want in that time!  

3. What is the relationship between food and secrets? What secrets do you think your body reveals?
I'm a really bad secret eater. I will eat well around others, or pretend like the pizza etc. I'm having is a rare occurrence and that usually I eat really well. Clearly my body shows otherwise I'm 220.75lbs if ate half as well as I pretend I would be a few sizes smaller. 

I'm not answering questions 4 and 5 because they are about what I want in a plan, what kind of plan I can stick to etc. I already go to Curves and do Curves Complete and am finding it perfect for me! I love the flexibility in what you can eat within reason. I love meeting with my coach for my weekly meetings. I really do enjoy the work out there and I love the fact that it's 30 min beginning to end. It just seems to be a good, sustainable plan for me.

Lord I'm not going to lie today I'm really frusterated. I got up over an hour early so that I could go for a run and to the gym before I have to be at work. What do I get to do instead? sit in front of a closed gym for 20 min waiting for it to open because the staff didn't show up. Lord, this frustrates me so much! I try to stay on plan and get all my work outs in before work starts for the weekend and I can't. Lord, you know why the staff wasn't there and it did mean I get to spend more time with you before work starts. So I do thank you for that, thank you that I can get my heart focused on you. Lord, I pray that this set back wouldn't set me back but rather it would teach me to fight back. When something doesn't work out not to sit down and whine but to realize that if plan A doesn't work then to figure out a plan B. Lord, I want to pray for my day and for my weekend. As I get busy working I pray that you would remind me when it's time to eat and that I would stick to my plan even when I'm tired and stressed. Lord, I pray that I would make time to get exercise in and that time with you would still be a priority. Lord I thank you that you are wiling to give me trials, you are willing to throw little glitches into my life and diet. I thank you for this because they are going to help with the big glitches that could happen later on. I'm sorry Lord, that my workout was going to replace my time with you and that it made me so mad when I realized that you might be stopping me from working out. I pray Lord, that I would understand what it means to be well balanced. Amen

I made it through thursday without a binge. I stuck to my plan on weight in day!!!! 
I lost 3lb's these past 2 weeks! and 7.75" in the past 6 weeks!
Even though the gym didn't work out I was out running just after 5:30am (I never get up before 7)

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