Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Made To Crave Day 3

Yesterday I read chapter 1 of Made to Crave. Today I'm going to be taking time to reflect more on that chapter by answering the questions at the end of the chapter.

1. One weight loss company personifies cravings as a little orange monster that chases us around, tempting us to eat unhealthy foods. Take a moment to reflect on your own experience of craving, recently and over time.
  • If you could personify your cravings based on your experience of it what form might it take? 
Not a little orange fuzzy monster that's for sure. Maybe a grizzly bear, or a scysophrinic with a gun and a knife! When I crave there is not much that can stop me from eating what I want and if it's not there I go a little crazy! It's way out of control for sure!
  • If you could sit down and have a conversation with this imaginary craving, what do you think it would say? What questions would you ask it? and how would it respond?
That it's been the one there for me over the past 13 years, that it always knows what I need to feel better. That it isn't going down without a dang good fight and that it's not worried since it's always won in the past. How did it get so powerful and out of control? How did it get to the point where even when i say no 5 min latter I find that item in my mouth, sometimes without even realizing it? You needed a friend and I was the one there for you! I made you happy when others couldn't. You've picked me over God time and time again and each time I grow stronger! You always know I'm going to win so I never give up!
2. How do you respond to the idea that God made us to crave? Have you ever pursued a craving - a longing, passion or desire - hat made a positive contribution to your life? What do you think distinguishes that kind of craving from the craving that leads you to eat in unhealthy ways?

When I first read this book I thought God had made a sick joke. He made me to want things, anything this much! But this time as I was reading it I was thinking , what if I was able to channel that craving I have for food and replace food with God? Nothing could stop me from worshiping him, serving him, spending time with him, learning about him, NOTHING! And thinking about craving that ways i say, "Praise God!" If my craving was used to be close to God and glorify him then I could say it is one of the biggest blessings I have received. 

I don't know that I've ever followed another craving even close to how I have with food. But the closest I can come to that is my "craving" for my family. I love my family and spend a ton of time with them. I have adopted siblings with special needs and so my family really works together to support my parents so that they can serve in the way God has asked them to. I love my family to bits! I enjoy spending time with them, talking to and about them, serving them. Even a trip to Costco with one of them makes my day. I do believe that this "craving" is beneficial in my life. However I know that if any craving or desire in my life becomes more important than Christ I need to work that out with him.

What distinguishes the two? Well first of all when i give into food cravings I'm not satisfied, I still want more! I feel empty, guilty, like a failure. but when I spend time serving my family I feel like my life has a purpose, like i'm doing something important and making a difference in the world. I feel like when I am with them I'm able to bless others. So to sum it up I would say eating is selfish, empty and causes more problems then it helps with. Family is giving, loving and is doing something bigger then me. HoweverI can say that there are times family is placed before God... okay family is always placed before God right now and seeing it in a way that it's a craving I too have, something that completes me outside of God I need to take time to hone this as well. To take the good out of it but leave the worshiping and cravings on my life for God first! 

3. If it's true that you were made to crave, how might it change the way you understand your cravings? Do you believe there could be any benefits to listening to your cravings rather then trying to silence them? If so what might they be? If not why not?

As I said previously I came to realize that cravings are blessing when channelled in the right way. It depends what I'm craving, but unless it's God he has to be #1 and if my craving is becoming more important then him no there is not benefit. Food is my biggest issue hand down right now and when I crave certain foods it could be telling me about something my body need but generally it's just me wanting crap and it is best to use that time of craving to do something more beneficial then get fatter. 

4. The Bible describes 3 ways Satan tried to lure us away from loving God: cravings, lust of the eyes, and boasting. Lysa explains how Satan used these tactics with both Eve and Jesus. Using the list below think back over the last 24 hours or the last few days to see if you recognize how you have been tempted in similar ways.

  • cravings: meeting physical desires outside the will of God.
I have done this for half my life when it comes to food. It comforts me and gives me what I want temporarily. However since I have become more aware of this, in the past few days, I'm finding God's voice more prominent reminding me that I don't need that to satisfy me, in fact it won't. 
  • Lust of the eyes: meeting material desires outside the will of God.
I am definitely a spender. I love shopping and buying. As much as I'm a great sale shopper there are times when I'm just shopping for something to do not because of a need. A perfect example is that yesterday I bought  a $30 pair of work out pants, I already have 5 pairs!
  • Boasting: meeting need for significance outside the will of God. 
I feel like a horrible person right now! Seriously it seems that each one of these things I have so strongly in my life. I have a real tendency to put others down so that I look better. Or I brag about me and what I'm doing, subtly of course. 
  • Out of the 3 which of these is the most difficult to resist? easiest? Why?  
I don't know that I could pick one of the three, I have some major issues in each area. Things that need to be worked on and a chance for God to grow me :)

5. Jesus quotes the truth of scripture to defeat temptation. Have you ever used scripture in this way? What was the result? How do you feel about using this approach to address your unhealthy eating patterns?
I have used scripture when tempted but it's not something I do often. When I have done it I found that it was helpful to remember God's view on the issue. To be honest with you I don't find it always works for me though, there are times when I'm quoting the verse of my body being a temple and then 3 min later I'm back in the kitchen eating that cookie. I think that quoting scripture is a great tool but it also requires me to believe it as truth and for me to want it to change the outcome. I personally have found that when I stop and pray about the issue at hand it is the most effective way for me to break the bad eating habits I've started. 

Victories: Last night I had popcorn with my dinner and I ate my allotted amount and then grabbed more. After eating a couple of pieces I realized i was full. I really wanted more anyways but I didn't do it! I even left it sitting beside me for a while before I threw it away and though I still wanted it I was able to say NO! 
Also went for my first run last night! 

Prayer: Lord the changes you have made in me with my eating even in the pst couple days blows my mind. Thank you! It's not that I don't want things but it's now a fuzzy orange monster not my scitso man. Lord, I know this is going to keep getting harder before it gets easier so I thank you that you are right there with me and you're going to keep me going. Lord thank you for giving me a healthy body that can glorify you by exercising and getting into shape. Lord, please continue to be with me and  teach me during the next 6 weeks. 

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