Friday, January 24, 2014

Those Punks, You'll Never Believe What They Did!

So I was in the drive through at Tim Hortons, No I wasn't getting anything for myself. In front of me was this low, very low, like so low it took the like 10 min to turn into the parking lot from the road cuz they didn't want to bottom out kind of car. Then as we're sitting in the drive thru, forever, they roll down their windows and are smoking out of them... really? What if I wanted my windows rolled down. Do they not think of other people? Just the way they drove and were acting, punks!  I'm not going to lie by this time I was a little pissed at them.I ordered my doughnuts and drove forward to pick them up. When I got to the window the guy told me they were free, the punk in the car in front of me paid. Man did i feel like a jerk! Here I was judging them for seriously dumb things and they paid for my doughnuts. God's really been teaching me some lessons today and they are coming in loud and clear.

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